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“If there was any justice, Paul Freeman would be a household name.” ––Todd Rundgren

Justice, it seems, may be right around the corner for the Welsh-born singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Paul Freeman is currently enjoying a wave of critical and commercial success––a wave he now plans to ride to new heights with the release of his brand-new single, “Closer Still.”

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New Video: Closer Still Live in Nijmegen

Paul Freeman and Janice Wong play "Closer Still" at a chapel almost 1000 years old in Nijmegen, Holland.

Music Injection: Paul Freeman release a beauty called ‘Closer Still’.

‘Closer Still’ is a beautiful passionate love song. Paul’s smooth voice full of emotion piqued my interest. A definite add it to my playlist. Click here for the full article.

Elite Daily: What’s the song playing during Trish’s proposal on Jessica Jones?

Elite Daily wrote a great article about Paul's performance in Marvel's Jessica Jones. Read what they had to say about him: There are not that many sweet and precious moments…